Southwood's Gold 5e

World of Game Design

  • $6.99

Navigate through the jungle and conflicting moral perspectives in this beginner-friendly adventure for 5e.

Southwood's Gold is designed to highlight the beauty and freedom of the roleplaying game genre.  Designed and refined over years of play, it is beginner-friendly and offers choice.

The adventure is structured as a "sandbox" - the characters are in charge of how the story unfolds. Locations and NPCs are described in full detail, so no matter how the players navigate, the GM is fully equipped to describe the scene and respond to the characters' actions. The included high-resolution maps provide a visual reference for both in-person and online play.

Rich and evocative, Southwood's Gold offers players and GMs a compelling experience in which characters are encouraged to explore possibilities and weigh the consequences of their decisions. 


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