Dreams and Machines: Player's Guide


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Evera Prime Was Once a Paradise
What Will You Make it?

Dreams and Machines is a brand new RPG setting where people come together to rebuild their world following a catastrophic war. You will venture into a world of mystery and adventure, a world where slumbering mechs dot the landscape and people build their lives anew in the wreckage of paradise. Take on the role of one of the new tribes of humanity, an Archivist, Dreamer, Everan, River, or Spear, and forge a path for yourself and your people.

The war against the machines was 200 years ago, but many threats from that era abound, along with others, like raiding parties of Thralls from the deep ruins, that have arisen in the intervening years. The machines are dormant, but they sometimes awake, causing death and destruction until they are stopped. Hideous, mutated, creatures infest the landscape, vicious byproducts of the war. Ghostly nanograms lurk in the ruins promising knowledge or luring the unwary to their deaths.

Yet against all this, humanity is rebuilding. People live full, happy lives despite the threats that assail them. Cooperation and mutual aid are everywhere, humans coming together to build something new amid the ruins of the past.

Dreams and Machines collide in a far future where its people come together to rebuild their world. The ultimate tale of hope and heroism in the shadow of the Wakers. As the danger grows and the world is under threat once more, do you dare to dream?

The Dreams and Machines Player’s Guide PDF contains:

  • 222 pages guiding you through the core rules, character creation, the history of Evera Prime, and the state of the world as it stands now.
  • Everything you need to create your own stories in the breathtaking world of Evera Prime.
  • A brand new version of the 2d20 system where your Spirit becomes a powerful resource in its own right, and characters gain benefits from learning about the world.
  • An in-depth look at the history of humanity, cataloguing humanity’s efforts to reach out to the stars, and their triumphs and failures on Evera Prime.
  • 5 different origins, along with 9 archetypes (including 3 advanced archetypes) providing a huge amount of flexibility and variability in how you create your characters.
  • Rules for using growth to develop your character. Discover your short and long term goals to retire and be the first to unlock powerful advanced archetypes.
  • A huge range of equipment left over from the Old World, from plasma blasters to combat armour, including rules for understanding equipment of a higher tech level.
  • Discover the joys of old world travel with ATVs, mono bikes, grav scouts and more!

Requires the Dreams and Machines Gamemaster’s Guide.

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