Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Survivors - Park Personalities


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This miniatures set is part of the NUKA WORLD wave for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare!

‘Between the teleporting Ghoul, Gorilla Man, and Nuka obsessed madwoman, I’m slightly worried that the Gorilla man is the most sane.’

Nuka-World always promised to bring people together, and even in the post apocalypse it’s achieving that goal, some of those people aren’t even blood crazed raiders! Sierra Petrovita for example, is just a big fan of Nuka Cola, a reallllly big fan. Oswald is an old employee that just loves his work family so much he refuses to leave and Cito can’t even imagine a world outside of the park. Nuka-World’s an odd place, they help to keep it that way.


  • 1x Cito
  • 1x Oswald the Outrageous
  • 1x Sierra Petrovita

This Fallout: Wasteland Warfare set contains three 32mm scale high-quality multi-part resin miniature with three 30mm scenic bases. 

Requires some assembly. Supplied unpainted.

This model can be used with either the rules from the Nuka World Rules Expansion or the free digital cards

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