Pilgrimage of the Penitent

Chain Assembly

  • $30.00

(From Creator Nick Ribera)
When I first read the Mörk Borg campaign book, what stuck with me most was the portents of the end of days as your players traverse a dying world. This is what I chose to explore in my storyline. Yes- random beasts are emerging from the depth, a bastardization of the world that once showed us love, but do these bastards not also need love? Is their evil inherent or is it projected- a symptom of their ugliness? And if they are Evil, is it a permanent, unshakable state or can it be excised?

⸸ Pilgrimage of the Penitent is both a zine and a compendium that can be inserted into any campaign. Inspired by the Camino de Santiago, I began by designing a plethora of different NPCs, locations, treasures, creatures, and diseases your players might meet along the way. I then tied all of these elements together into a storyline that explores the lengths to which one might go to seek absolution during the impending apocalypse. The storyline is extremely combat-light and introduces a new “affliction” system wherein magical diseases can develop over time, granting boons or banes to your players.

The book is 82 pages, hardcover, and 210mmX145mm (A5 sized) to match the sizing or the original Mork Borg book. It is full color, and fully illustrated.

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