Galaxy of Death: Hyperdrive Degeneration


  • $3.99

Book Type: Tri-Fold

Page Count: 

Print Type: Full Color

Back by popular demand, Hyperdrive: Degeneration, the free stretch goal adventure presented in Rane in Blood is now fleshed out in physical hardcopy, complete with player-facing maps and VTT add-on materials.

You and your fellow survivors are violently woken from cryosleep into a starless black void, with no memory of the events that got you there in the first place. On your nameless, classified research vessel, an experimental hyperdrive throbs with life, twisting reality and breaking the minds of the crew. If the psychological terror of liminal Null Space doesn't kill you, other horrors will. Time is running out.  Repair the ship, engage the experimental drive, and get back to real space before it's too late!


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