Knights of Lazarus

Spicy Tuna RPG

  • $17.99

Book Type: Softcover
Page Count: 56
Print Type: Full Color

Knights of Lazarus presents a puzzle, unsolvable the first time through. The crew must discover the best tactics to combat specialized enemies, roleplay through encounters, and choose whether to retreat or push their luck through the dungeon, The Ship Canterbury.

Will your crew plan a heist? Or take the oath to join the Knights themselves? Whatever the choice the crew will discover the secrets of the order and the dangers of testing their boundaries.

Knights of Lazarus includes:

  •  5 DUNGEON MAPS, with 50+ unique rooms.
  •  DISTILLED DUNGEON RULESET that fits on the inside cover with enough space for an Enemy Stat Reference Table. 3 Levels of Difficulty to best fit your group's play style.
  •  EASY-TO-USE AUTOMATED ENEMIES. Players must outwit, outpace and discover their weaknesses in order to complete a heist.
  •  6 SPECIALIZED ENEMIES + 3 FORBIDDING TRAPS. Adversaries present a unique challenge, each threatening the crew’s resources. Managing ammunition and survival becomes increasingly difficult.
  •  5 RECURRING NPCs. Each with dedicated spreads and full-page portraits. Knights of Lazarus NPCs are rich in detail, with backstories, motivations, and the ability to reveal rumors, offer amnesty, aid, or even betray players.
  •  VARIABLE PLAY RULES. Play a number of one-shots, a stand-alone campaign, or effortlessly integrate into larger campaigns with various rumors and interactions with the order.
  •  20+ RUMORS, 4 DECLASSIFIED SECRETS. A variety of story hooks and clues for players to engage with. Unveil xenotech artifacts and gradually reveal the dark truth of the order.
  •  4+ PAGES OF RANDOM TABLES INCLUDING A RANDOM KNIGHT GENERATOR. Create variety, from spike-studded armor and morningstar-wielding death knights to tank-legged jousters. Artifact tables produce flavorful books, coins, and relics that fetch loads of credits from the right buyer.
  •  JOINING THE KNIGHTS OF LAZARUS RULESET. Complete with post-mission psych evaluations, 12+ missions, rank wages, and warden notes for planning an eventual escape from the order.
  •  4 XENOTECH ARTIFACTS extrapolated from today’s brain stimulation technology.  These powerful artifacts can relieve stress and enhance safety against failing saves, but they are easily misused without taking the time to discover how they work on humans.

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