Nirvana on Fire Deluxe Boxed Set for Mothership 1e

Nirvana on Fire Deluxe Boxed Set for Mothership 1e

Magnum Galaxy Games

  • $50.00

Nirvana on Fire: Deluxe Boxed Set contains the Nirvana on Fire zine with 32 tightly packed pages of Buddhist-tinged, biotech, sci-fi horror for Mothership. If you’re into Machiavellian intrigues, murderous AIs, and prayer beads you’ll be into this. 

Also contained in the deluxe boxed set are custom dice, a GM screen, and a companion map adventure.

True to award-winning Mothership design sensibilities, it’s an efficient table-ready document that is as functional as it is attractive. Its control panel layout and clear, concise text is designed to get wardens gaming with minimal prep and little need for distracting page flipping during play.

Different starting scenarios add replayability, with options for playing the scenario as a tight one-shot or a mini-campaign of multiple sessions.

Inside this book is everything you need for a night of horror among the stars.

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