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  • $12.00

Book Type: Zine + PDF or Deluxe Edition + PDF

Page Count: 16

Print Type: Full Color

Rampant is a minimalist module for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG that takes place on Geppetto station, a secret corporate research facility orbiting a desolate planet. You spend your time in this module as a new maintenance crew for Geppetto Station, and you will become acquainted with the ship’s AI Annie.

Annie is inhabited by the Warden of the game, who interacts with players in-character using rules inspired by Apollo 47.

The module is a 16-page 5.5"x8.5" zine that contains tables for the warden to generate AI backstory and dialog, encounters with a swarm of nano-bots, and four maps with tables for items and malfunctioning equipment.

Written by Dr. Violet Ballard and River Shenkat

Maps and Illustrations by River Schenkat

Deluxe Edition also includes:

11x17 Folding Poster/Map

3 Rules Pamphlets (Downtime, Surgery, Social Rolls)

1 In-World Pamphlet (ISWU)

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