Cerdo Cycle - the Great Crossing Heresies

RV Games

  • $3.00

Product Type: 8.5”x14” Double Gate Fold Pamphlet and PDF
Print Type: Full Color

"High Sister of The Order of the Apostle’s Gate requires Broling Yann and his 35 monks and acolytes, the Defenders of God’s Gate. After an unsuccessful mission by her own people, she has sent you, non-believers, to convince Yann to bring his congregation to help save the main settlement from impending disaster."

This is a gorgeous, double gate fold, 8.5"x14" minimal prep multi-session pamphlet adventure. It features haunting procedures, maps by Paths Peculiar, and a creature life cycle illustrated by Amanda Franck.

Written by Chris Airiau

Art by Chris Airiau, Niklas Wistedt, Amanda Franck

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