Gary's Appendix Vol.2

Jeffrey Jones

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Gary's Appendix is back. 

We are excited to share the wonderful works of a creative menagerie. We are all fans seeking to create a memorable zine for gamers. While the cover has the OSE brand, its content transcends the bounds of a single fantasy gaming system. If you stock your game with Dungeon-Dwelling Dragons, this zine is for you!

What Is In Issue 2?

  • The Language Tree. Do you find world languages difficult to implement in your fantasy games? Is the way we've done things for 50 years not working for you? It’s neither realistic nor useful for gameplay. Onslaught Six provides a solution that is robust in nature, quick to implement and easy to grasp. 
  • Gamifying Devotion. Clerics, paladins, and monks are characterized by devotion to ideals. Typically, these ideals are broadly defined by alignment, but a more granular approach can flesh out your game’s world and give your players more ways to engage with the fiction you create at the table. This is where monastic orders come in.
  • Flip The Scrip[t].  At some point, gold pieces seem to lose their luster. The standard game monetary system of gold and/or credits can become one dimensional, designed for ease of use but often creating dead-end situations within a campaign. It’s time to “Flip the Scrip(t)” on the standard monetary systems. 
  • Gary's Guidance. One of the most important books in gaming history is the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG). Gary’s knowledge and perspectives on the game were quite deep and far more subtle than many gamers appreciate. This article is an overview of what Gary thought DMs needed to know, how he presented that information and thoughts about why those ideas are still relevant.
  • Sage Mages. In issue #1 of Gary’s Appendix we presented a deeper dive into the sage, an expert hireling and specialist found in the Advanced Player’s Tome and the 1st edition of the AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide. Here, we delve even further, fleshing out the concept of a sage who has taken levels of magic- user. 
  • Thoughtful Bestiary. A further exploration of the bestairy starting with the blink dog and ending with the Centaur. We dip into real world mythology, practical consideratsion and wild speculation about uses for these creatures. Also included are brigands, buccaneers, bugbears, caecilia, and carcass crawlers.

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