Misery and the Deck of Ruin and Revelation

World of Game Design

  • $49.99

Whisper Blasphemous Prophecies, Trigger Ruinous Miseries, & Foretell Forgotten Doom in a Dying World. A vile supplement for Mörk Borg.

Peer into an Unknown Apocalypse and bear witness to RUIN and REVELATION.

Heed the Whispers of a Doom long-forgotten in a Dying World.

Draw upon your very Essence as you draw from the Deck, and ask yourself...


Misery (a punchy 5,5x8.5" inch zine) & The Deck of Ruin & Revelation (78 premium tarot-sized cards) are a pair of new supplements for Mörk Borg that work hand-in-hand to expand the prophecies of Verhu by introducing the crazed lost Calamities of the Heretical Prophet, Ezech Ghoffnür. Content includes:

  • A staggering collection of original prophecies and their suggested mechanics.
  • An alternate way of bringing H͎I͎S͎ Miseries to a Dying World.
  • Ways of triggering apocalyptic events that were never recorded by the Church of the Two-Headed Basilisk. We call these events "Calamities" and they will bring about an Apocalypse that is whispered amongst only the most wayward of doomsayers & pagan prophets. 
  • Original artwork in dual-tone palette colored pairs create a truly unique Mörk Borg meta-accessory & in-game artifact.


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