A Butterfly Dies

Spicy Tuna RPG

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Book Type: Softcover
Page Count: 28
Print Type: Full Color

The land is blessed.

The Oyamel Forest of Michoacan is at the peak of the 52-year-long Husk-Winged Cycle. Tribes thrive as the colossal Monarch soars across the land, rejuvenating the ecosystem. The cycle resets in 4 days.

The Fire Giant will ignite the Great Husk-Winged Monarch setting fire to the skies and razing the land. The chaos is followed by decade-long food shortages and struggles.

Tradition promises the Burning Butterfly Miracle is essential for the sustainability of Michoacan. The suffering is a small price to reap the benefits of the peak years.

In "A Butterfly Dies" players are nomads traveling through the Oyamel Forest. Will you ally with the Smolder Cult and fulfill the Burning Butterfly Miracle? Or will they help those who want to break the tradition and allow the Great Husk-Winged Monarch to survive? A Butterfly Dies is inspired by Mexican myth. Artwork takes heavy inspiration from Jose Clemente Orozco’s mural “Man of Fire” and the wider Mexican Muralist Movement. Compatible with Primal Quest TTRPG created by Diogo Nogueira.

A Butterfly Dies is a hex crawl placed in the forested and volcanic mountainside of prehistoric and mythical Michoacan, Mexico. Developed for Primal Quest, players must navigate local conflict while exploring the oyamel forest.

  • Hex Crawl with 11x Named Locations
  • 30+ Random Encounters with megafauna, dinosaurs, and alien entities.
  • 9+ Full Pages of Art including 2x two-page spreads
  • Inter-tribal Factions and a Colossal Ancient Ritual
  • World progression and the impacts of fulfilling or preventing the ritual.
  • 13+ NPCs living in mythical Michoacan
  • A dungeon dive into a volcanic mountain
  • A dungeon delve inside an alien structure

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