Space Penguin

  • $9.00

Adrift is a classic fetch quest: the players are sent by Deluge Corp. to recover several important items and discover the fate of the Corp’s recent shipment being transported by the ship ‘Ilu IX. After a ruptured Jump drive created a miniature black hole in the confines of the ship, reality aboard the ‘Ilu IX stopped being a measurable quality. What they find inside might set a crew up for a lifetime of easy living... if they can get it out with their lives and sanity intact.

Within this 36-page adventure, you’ll find:

  • A ship on the verge of interdimensional collapse, Every room is constantly warping, shifting, and changing in countless ways.
  • Tessellations, a unique encounter system wherein PCs will experience mind-bending, reality-shifting, and even world-changing events.
  • The Farm, a hexcrawl-within-the-dungeoncrawl from a time and place far removed from the ‘Ilu IX.
  • The mystery of the missing crew: where, when, and in what form are they in now?

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