Agent Class

Anodyne Printware

  • $5.00

Book Type: Trifold
Page Count: 2
Print Type: Full Color

Navigate corporate intrigue and play interstellar spy games in this new, covert class for Mothership 1st Edition.
Become a company Agent: conducting subterfuge, surveillance and infiltration missions on behalf of your corporate handlers. Work with or against your embedded crew, leveraging insider knowledge of the corporate world to achieve your objectives.

The Agent Class briefing pamphlet discloses:

Player-facing operational training on corporate security exploits, interrogation techniques and more.
New item loadouts packed with spy-tech gadgets like the Trinket Gun and Patch Bomb.
Warden guidance for subterfuge-style missions and making the most of an Agent class player.
An optional “hidden role” Secret Agent play mode, where no one knows who to trust.
Digital bonus content: Secret Agent handout cards for covertly assigning missions and communicating secret game actions.

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