Archetype Dice Folio

Dice Fanatics

  • $300.00

FiniExtend your dice arsenal with this exclusive Dice Fanatics Dice Armory.  Designed to contain 150 sets of 7 polyhedral sets, this carrying case can hold as many as 1500 dice when you include the top lift panel that houses Chessex style dice boxes.  We are offering several image engraving options on the top of the lid and on the inside of the lid as well.  Crafted from solid walnut, this will truly be a masterwork for your dice collection.  Preorders are open to Dice Fanatics Fan Club members only for a limited time with a limited run of 10 units.  Preorder yours today!


(Finished photo for reference of woodgrain and finishing only.  If you would like to preorder our Archetype Dice Folio, click here)

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