Beyond the Silver Scream

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Book Type: PDF

Page Count: 36

“After lying your way through the box office, you take your seats and settle in for an R-Rated showing of ‘Screaming Sorority Girls From Planet X’. The credits roll over a Satanic ritual in which half-naked people are sacrificed to demons by red‑cowled cultists wielding curved daggers. Suddenly, the screen itself ripples! One of the victims’ hands clings desperately to the screen, as the other claws at a red-robed arm that has them in a choke hold! You see, in the ethereal light of the cinema, a swatch of red hood, the glint of a fang-like curved dagger, the glimmer of malevolent eyes as they’re dragged behind the curtain, unable to cry out. You and your friends spring into action, jumping over chairs, rushing the stage, pushing your way in a wave of bodies between screen and curtain until you find yourself . . . Beyond the Silver Scream!”

Beyond the Silver Scream is a hair-metal infused 0-level funnel for DCC in which you and your fellow players take on the role of teenage punks fighting against an evil cult that has set up shop in their local multiplex. Grab your quarters, find a weapon, and get ready to kick some cultist ass! This 36-page adventure will take a large group of 0-level punks and leave you with a handful of first-level adventurers—provided any survive the experience!

Prepare to face:

  • Vicious devilspawn from the darkest pits of Hell
  • The evil Officiator, master of ceremonies and chief sacrificer
  • The spirits of former sacrifices desperate for a second chance at life
  • Abominations of melted flesh and muscle
  • The Dimensional Dogs and their reality-warping magic

Forrest Aguirre - writing
Matt Hildebrand - art and layout
David Lewis Johnson - art
Nicolo Maioli - art
James V. West - art

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