Frank Tedeschi

  • $24.00

The adventure is divided into three parts with natural stopping points. Each part is designed to be played in about one session.

Part 1: Truffle Tower

The adventurers are infected by a mysterious fungal blight called Bleaksprout.  They shrink down to minuscule size, encounter unusual people called Sporlings, and meet their king who asks them to help rid the land of Bleaksprout.

Part 2: Journey Through The Underlog 

The party delves into the Underlog to seek the source of Bleaksprout. They will peruse a tavern inside a toad, use a folk song to appease the Tarantula Witch, and decipher clues to uncover the entrance to The Bleak Temple.

Part 3: The Bleak Temple

In the adventure finale, the players will explore The Bleak Temple, discover the depravity of its flea cultists, infiltrate the inner sanctum, and uncover the true source of Bleaksprout.

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