Break the Horizon

Break the Horizon

Monte Cook Games

  • $45.00

Unlock even more of the Ninth World and expand your campaign!

Most people of the Ninth World live isolated lives. Surrounded by the wild and mysterious unknown, few people in the Steadfast—and even fewer in the Beyond—venture, in their entire lives, more than a few miles from the place of their birth. And they’re happy that way.

But not you. Your dreams extend beyond the horizon. Tales of great wonders and even greater dangers are not cautionary to you—they’re lures, drawing you ever outward to discovery and adventure. The secrets of the prior worlds beckon. But the vast distances, and the dangers they hold, are a daunting barrier. Until now!

Break the Horizon adds mobility to your Numenera campaign. With it you can traverse the vast distances of the Ninth World, finding adventure, encounters, and treasures along the way. This book contains:

  • New mounts, commonplace vehicles, numenera vehicles, and cyphers and artifacts that aid in travel. Plus, a comprehensive index of all travel options from every Numenera product to date.
  • New travel-related equipment PCs can purchase, salvage, or craft.
  • New creatures and NPCs to encounter along the way.
  • Travel-themed GM intrusions, plus an expansive chapter on hazards and encounters: pepper them into any adventure or travel interlude, or use them as seeds for entire new adventures.
  • The Safe Wayfarer Travel Guide, full of useful in-world advice from seasoned Ninth World travelers.
  • Plus two full adventures that can be integrated into the PCs’ travels or used at their destinations.

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