Cerdo Cycle Complete

RV Games

  • $15.00

Product Type: 4 8.5”x14” Double Gate Fold Pamphlets and PDFs
Print Type: Full Color

Explore the Cerdo System with a bundle of pamphlet Adventures from Chirs Airiau.

  • The Great Crossing Heresies
    • Gothic horror in a spooky monastery
  • Burn the Vermin
    • A bug hunt onboard a space station
  • Snag the Suit/Evac the Exec
    • A corporate horror escape adventure
  • Snag the Suit/Evac the Exec Player Facing Map
  • High Water Everywhere
    • An Anaconda inspired hexcrawl
  • Folding Poster/Map
  • Patch

Written by Chris Airiau

Art by Chris Airiau, Niklas Wistedt, Amanda Franck

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