Children of the Gods

Children of the Gods

Madness Heart Press

  • $15.00

Page Count: 106
Note: This is a work of fiction and is not an RPG product. 

146 BCE, Rome invades Carthage.

Ibiranu, Carthaginian prince, sorcerer, and apprentice to a god, is caught in the battle between his deity and the demonic prince Ashmandai. A battle that leaves him cursed in body and soul and trapped in a strange world of terrifying creatures and horrid magics.

Tasked to find a terrible spell book by his monstrous gods, Ibiranu must sail across cruel oceans on a ship crewed by half-human, half-crustaceous sailors to an island inhabited by the dead.

Accompanied by a seductive demon and his Siren crew, Ibiranu must not only engage in terrible, bloody battle against the denizens of this strange world but also overcome the dwindling of his humanity in order to recover the Book of the Children.

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