CORP BORG Hardcover

CORP BORG Hardcover

Pawel Kicman

  • $35.00

Corp Borg is a rules-light, office-crawl OSR tabletop RPG. While inspired heavily by MÖRK BORG aesthetics and gameplay, it's a standalone game - all you need to play is this book.

The world of Corp Borg is bleak, bloody, and brutal, exactly like corporations are. They rule the world of Corp Borg, as they do in real life, but are a bit more obvious about summoning demons, making blood sacrifices, and performing occult rituals. 

On 84+ high-quality pages, under beautifully illustrated hardcover, you’ll find:

  • 6 classes, like The Salesman, The Engineer, or The Designer
  • 6 evil conglomerates to bring down
  • Office tools to fight with, like a paper cutter blade, keyboard, or a coffee mug
  • Hordes of enemies including mindless colleagues, bloodthirsty managers, and eldritch demons
  • Additional gameplay mechanics and a slightly adjusted fighting system
  • Tons of random tables to keep the adventure going, such as Conspiracy Theories (that are true), Corpo Generator, Adventure Generator, Demon Creator, NPC tables, Occult Powers, Hard & Soft Skills, and more
  • d66 Urgent Emails, counting down to the Deadline
  • A mixture of art styles, from metal & punk to clean & corporate, from the hands of amazing Polish artists like Maciej Pałka, Karol Patoła, and Vault Crawler

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