Cretaceous Dinosaur AdventureHex Tiles

World of Game Design

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The leader of your party steps gingerly forward, probing the bones that lie, protruding halfway from the loam that is mounded up on the dungeon floor.  It seems strange to find skeletal beasts of this size so deep underground.  He steps onto a levered plate, one step too close to the dessicated corpse... and suddenly it moves!

This is a triple pack of unpainted, grey resin AdventureHex tiles that can be used for scenery, traps, boss battles and more.  Add it to your collection of AdventureHex tiles and extend your Dungeon Epics collection!

Features one tile with a Triceratops skeleton, Stegosaurus skeleton, and Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.   All are embedded into their own AdventureHex tile with subtle 1" mini hexes forming a 7" wide hexagonal tile.

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