Cthulhu Epics Giant Dice Tower

Dice Fanatics

  • $150.00

R'lyeh has risen again, this time, a rift in temporality drifted and fractured the remnants of an ancient Roman city, now nestled in a valley near Monte Amaro.  This abandoned city, once part of a thriving Etruscan civilization, was decimated for unknown reasons our cause during horrific earthquakes.  Deep within the city a new structure arose, piercing through the ground itself and rising to settle in the center of the town... this "Turrim Malum" now stands ready to face you.  Do you flee in its mere presence or do you enter and explore?  The choice lies before you.

This is a large, 13" dice tower that serves as a standard dice tower or a piece of epic terrain.  With the dice shown in the photos for scale, this is a monstrosity that must be respected and obeyed at your gaming table.

Shugnahothh hh' ah nafl ahmgep, ahorna ymg' uaaah n'gha

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