Cypher System Bestiary

Cypher System Bestiary

Monte Cook Games

  • $54.99

Scores of awe-inspiring creatures in an amazing presentation

Mystify, frighten, and challenge your PCs with this stunningly illustrated collection that gives you an almost infinite array of encounters. Dozens and dozens of inspiring creatures familiar and new are detailed within these pages, along with oodles of variants and customization options.

It’s never been easier! A streamlined stat block helps you quickly reference everything you need to run the creature at the table. But delve deeper, and the creature entry is chock full of lore, fascinating details and supporting information, and options. Find a myriad of ways to customize the creature, with different names, alternate special abilities and traits, interesting looks, distinct motivations, companions or pets, lair designs, unique mechanics, and more.

Many of the listings have fold-out pages to put even more useful and inspiring information at your fingertips!

Within this bestiary you’ll find:

  • Over 125 distinct creatures, plus dozens of variants—and the tools to create hundreds of interesting alternate versions. Every creature in this book is compatible with every Cypher System campaign.
  • Detailed creature listings with loads of ancillary information that helps you breathe life and color into any encounter. Find names, pets and companions, lairs, alternate traits and abilities, and other inspiring elements.
  • Fold-out pages for key creatures and topics put loads of information at your fingertips.
  • A new stat bloc format that makes running Cypher System creatures even easier than ever!

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