Dreams and Machines: Quickstart


  • $5.00

A world in the far future, cut off from Earth, where inhabitants balance on a razor’s edge between technological distrust and reverence. A world where sleeping mechs form part of the landscape, part of the culture. Banners and flowers decorate the rusting goliaths while the communities that make their homes around them celebrate births, festivals, and harvests all in the shadow of tools of devastation, now slumbering, their former purpose forgotten. Rumors swirl of a Dark City and yet more tell of Wakers. Mechs that move, that kill, that cannot be stopped. But rumors always swirl, like cloth in the wind. Who’s to say what is real and what is fiction?

The world is wider than you know. It’s time to explore it.

In this Quickstart adventure, a group of bored New Mossgrove teenagers explore the wilderness. While sheltering from a storm in a derelict structure, they discover and explore an ancient facility and face a variety of challenges and dangers within…

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