Druidic Bloodwood Archetype Dice in Exotic Red Sandalwood CNC Machined Polyhedral Dice

Dice Fanatics

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Deep in the Below under Delverr's Keep near the Monadnock Surround lies the Throne of Arach who nests among the ice and snow that impossibly forms in the subterranean frozen caverns.  Concealing his prize are druidic Bloodwood artifacts that are hidden among his cache of treasure.  Woe to those that meddle in the affairs of dragons, but in the hands of the Delverr Druids who decry Blackstone for the organic essences of the sacred Bloodwood tree, ancient new powers can be discovered...  

These are Dice Fanatics Archetype Dice that support the Delverr's Cave module DK-2 at www.DwarvenEpics.com.  These hand crafted dice are CNC machined with precision from exotic red sandalwood with the durability of a natural hardwood and the etched design of the twin hammers of the Delverr who careful hewed these artifacts from the sacred heartwood of the Bloodwood tree.  The only one known to exist is in the Below and forms the basis for the cryptic blood magicks that can be discovered in the Delverr's Cave modules available at www.WOGD.com - the World of Game Design.

This is a very limited run and supplies may not last so get your solid wood D&D or Pathfinder dice as soon as you can by ordering now.