Dungeon Epics - Narrow Passages - 2.5D Resin Modular Dungeon Tiles

World of Game Design

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2.5D dungeon tiles cast in durable resin with excellent texture for quality painting detail. These dungeon tiles can fill a small table with just one 18" box. Including a whopping 42 pieces, each a convenient 1/2" tall, these low-wall dungeon tiles can be used to lay out an entire dungeon without impacting visibility and enabling theater of the mind tabletop roleplaying. This set includes:

  • 10 straight passages
  • 10 corner passages
  • 4 narrow to wide passage transitions
  • 6 three way passages (T intersection)
  • 2 alternate three way passages (T intersection)
  • 6 four way intersections
  • 4 narrow floor pieces

Combine this kit with other Dungeon by the Foot™ kits to maximize your tabletop experience. These tiles are highly durable and are the perfect kits to take to tradeshows, conventions, and gaming nights when portability is a must. Easily compatible with Dwarven Forge, Printable Scenery, Dragonlock, and other terrain systems. Excellent for use with Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying games, Pathfinder / Starfinder, Warhammer Fantasy, Savage Worlds, Goodman Games DCC RPG, Call of Cthulhu and much more.

These dungeon tile kits are designed for use with the DwarvenEpics.com and CthulhuEpics.com storylines and individual tiles are mailed out in our Mythoard.com monthly RPG crate subscription boxes.

Retailer inquiries are welcome and these come with great visibility with low shelf space imprint with face-out end signage for efficient retail display. Wholesale pricing for bulk orders is available.

This product comes unpainted and is cast in white resin for maximum color visibility when painted.

This is an officially licensed Hirst Arts product.

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