Dwarven Epics™ Resin Dice Tower with Dice Tray

Dwarven Epics™ Resin Dice Tower with Dice Tray

World of Game Design

  • $49.99

Far off in the distance a rough spire of rock stabs upward like the raised fist of a buried giant. Before this rock formation, there are lights flickering behind turreted walls of the Delverrs keep, but to get there is a myriad landscape of rough scrub, decayed and abandoned roads, and gnarled trees. Clearly there used to be a thriving civilization here but its glory now only peeks behind the overgrowth in patches of white marble.

This is the beginning of the Dwarven Epics storyline… a sad tale of a scarred world whose fate remains tenuous in the upground but fares even worse deep in the Below.

We give you a resin masterpiece that can adorn your gaming table. Serving as a dice tower and simultaneously a piece of tabletop scenery for your miniatures and Dungeons & Dragons games, this dice tower has ramps that tumble your dice down to the dice tray that reveals your rolls.

With the included adventure and optional fog machine and LED neon ropes this is sure to bring some fun to your gaming table and it makes a fine present besides.

Enjoy the Dwarven Epics™ Dice Tower!

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