Dwarven Epics™ Resin Dice Tower

Dwarven Epics™ Resin Dice Tower

World of Game Design

  • $49.99

Far off in the distance a rough spire of rock stabs upward like the raised fist of a buried giant. Before this rock formation, there are lights flickering behind turreted walls of the Delverrs keep, but to get there is a myriad landscape of rough scrub, decayed and abandoned roads, and gnarled trees. Clearly there used to be a thriving civilization here but its glory now only peeks behind the overgrowth in patches of white marble.

This is the beginning of the Dwarven Epics storyline… a sad tale of a scarred world whose fate remains tenuous in the upground but fares even worse deep in the Below.

We give you a resin masterpiece that can adorn your gaming table. Serving as a dice tower and simultaneously a piece of tabletop scenery for your miniatures and Dungeons & Dragons games, this dice tower has ramps that tumble your dice down to the dice tray that reveals your rolls.

With the included adventure this will provide a great adventure hook for your gaming table.

Enjoy the Dwarven Epics™ Dice Tower!

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