Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Accessories: Forged in the Fire Rules Expansion


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Will you suffer, or will you be Forged in the Fire?

Forged in the Fire is an expansion for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare that builds on the content explored in the previous Commonwealth Expansion. Featuring rules for new Creatures as well as sub-factions for both Raiders and Survivors. Never to be left out, the Super-Mutants also get to unleash one of their most disturbing allies.

The various winged horrors of the Commonwealth arrive, Bloatflies, Bloodbugs and Stingwings, vicious insectoid predators more than capable of harrying even the most seasoned survivor. Whilst the more peaceful Radstags roam the open plains, avoiding danger where possible and defending themselves when provoked.

Along the edge of the Saugus River, the Ghouls of The Slog bring a new set of tools to the Suvivor faction. Resilient to a degree most Survivors can only dream of and able to withstand Radiation, they make a welcome addition to any budding settlement. Whilst further south, the violent Forged bring a host of fire-based weapons to bear against those too weak to stop them. Raiders with a focus on setting fire to their foes, they offer a huge degree of specialisation that can rapidly set any opposing force ablaze!

Finally, the Super Mutants release one of the most bizarre and hideous creatures the Wasteland has ever seen, the Centaur. Astoundingly resilient and disturbingly quiet, these beasts bring a new kind of horror to the Super Mutant Faction.

This expansion contains 259 punch-out cards, painting guides and region rules. You’ll also find tactical advice for the new sub-factions introduced in this expansion, and a set of brand-new scenarios to see what they can do on the battlefield.


  • A booklet containing rules for expanding your options on the battlefield.
  • 259 new cards: 19 Unit and 20 AI cards 26 Weapon cards 3 Item cards 11 Perk cards 48 Explore cards 21 Event cards 36 Danger cards 13 Stranger cards 14 Creature cards 43 Quest cards 4 Leader cards 1 Reference card
  • 5 new scenarios Faction rules and strategy guides for the 2 new Sub-Factions - The Slog and The Forged. Unit rules for Ghouls.

Access to the rules, dice, and material found in the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Two-Player Starter Set is necessary to make full use of this expansion.


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