Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Brotherhood of Steel: Liberty Prime

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Brotherhood of Steel: Liberty Prime


  • $249.00

Global positioning initialized. Location - the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Birthplace of American freedom...
“Liberty Prime is online"

The largest mechanical monster of the wastes. Bigger than a Behemoth. Rougher than a Raider. Deadlier than a Deathclaw. Liberty Prime is striding forward, crushing enemies like bugs and smashing all resistance in its way – for Freedom!
"Probability of mission hindrance: zero percent"

Liberty Prime is the pinnacle of pre-war weapons technology. It was designed by the American Military as a secret weapon for taking back Anchorage from the Chinese invaders, however it was never deployed. At the time its only working attack was to stomp on enemies – how times have changed.
“Embrace democracy or you will be eradicated"

Now it has been restored to more than its former glory. The Mk II version of Liberty prime uses a near inexhaustible supply of Nukes to explode and irradiate targets with extreme prejudice. Completely immune to all but the most massive damage, Liberty Prime strides across the Wasteland with impunity – a literal colossus of destructive power and might.

The model itself (so big it’s hardly a ‘miniature’) is still incredibly detailed, from its high energy power pack to its massive mechanical fists. It’s so large we’ve had to change our production process to create the fully detailed base, with half a Red Rocket fuel station on it! It towers over even the largest Super Mutant Behemoth and utterly dwarfs regular Wastelanders.

"Voice module online. Audio functionality test initialized. Designation: Liberty Prime. Mission: the liberation of Anchorage, Alaska. Primary Targets: any and all Red Chinese invaders. Emergency Communist Acquisition Directive: immediate self destruct. Better dead, than Red."

Liberty Prime is a massive 10 part model made from high-quality resin. Construct the 10 part body atop the huge scenic base as a set piece for your table, or your collection or use the various parts (arms, legs, body, etc) to create a table full of terrain pieces where your force is fighting over the components!

Approximate measurements:

Scenic Base: 175mm diameter
Liberty Prime Height (without base) 234mm

The Liberty Prime contains the model and scenic base and does not include rules or scenarios. We will be releasing scenarios featuring Liberty Prime later in the year.

See images for a size comparison with the Sole Survivor and Super Mutant Behemoth!



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