Fallout: Wasteland Warfare RPG Expansion Book


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The Fallout: Wasteland Warfare roleplaying game builds on the narrative wargame​ experience of the tabletop miniatures game and will include new rules for character creation and creating adventures in the wasteland.

Delve into abandoned Vaults, ruined cities, strange facilities, and antiquated military bases. Encounter Super Mutants, Raiders, Survivors, Vault Dwellers, the Brotherhood of Steel, the Institute and the Enclave, and many more! Will you roam wide and far, or build up and protect your settlement? For those who want to create your own unique characters or use the faction based Archetype cards to start your own hero and see them grow from adventure to adventure.

A beautiful 128 page sewn hardback with matt cover and yellow reading ribbon printed by our exceptional high-quality European printer.


  • Complete rules for tabletop roleplaying in the wasteland, based on the popular Fallout: Wasteland Warfare miniatures game
  • Full rules for character creation, archetypes and original player ideas alongside existing characters from the Fallout universe
  • Packed with lots of full colour photographic scenes of the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare range to inspire your adventures!
  • Interact with familiar characters and creatures drawn from the world of Fallout
  • Background on the locations, adversaries and factions that players can encounter
  • 3 free adventures totalling 26 pages in a linked campaign or for use as one-shot missions to support GM's
  • Guidance for players to build their settlement as a base of operations
  • Advice and tools to help GM's create and run exciting new adventures in the Fallout universe

Every copy of the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Roleplaying Game Expansion will come with a set of free downloadable files:

  • PDF copy of the rulebook 
  • Character Archetype cards
  • Character Playmat

Character and weapon cards can be downloaded direct from the Fallout Downloads page here.


Can be played as a standalone product using free downloadable cards and a set of the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Dice (MUH051279) sold separately or if you own the Two Player Starter Set you have everything you need.

A complete stand-alone boxed set will be available for Christmas including cards, dice, and rulebook for those who prefer everything in one package!


"Stuffed with retro-futuristic personality and some genuinely fascinating mechanics. An incredibly robust combat system and a huge range of beautiful models begging to be played with." - Drop Lowest

"Overall the Fallout Wasteland Warfare RPG looks great. My first impression is that the game does exactly what it set out to do: it allows fans of the Fallout series to experience exciting adventures in this post-apocalyptic world." Stargazers World

"This game feels very satisfying. It does exactly what it sets out to do, and delivers that delicious missing link between something like X-COM and a party-based CRPG like Baldur’s Gate or Neverwinter Nights. It’s the game I’ve been wanting for a while–enough crunchy tacticalness to provide satisfaction for even the most die-hard wargamer, and yet enough nuance to let character and personal drama shine through as driving factors in the game." - Bell of Lost Souls

"Overall, the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare RPG Expansion presents a tactically interesting roleplaying game with lots of fun design elements, wrapped in the setting of a fabulous franchise. The use of cards and special dice add a nice new element to the game and offer a little something extra." The Tabletop Almanac

Designed for 1 Gamemaster and up to 6 players, aged 14 and up.

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