Familiar Faces Vol. 1 | Mothership 1e

Spicy Tuna RPG

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Book Type: Softcover
Page Count: 52
Print Type: Full Color

Familiar Faces is a sandbox satellite system chalk full of story hooks. Players discover new opportunities through the motivations, biographies, eccentric acquaintances, and described pasts of the 6 main NPCs. Additionally, Volume 1 provides 3 new settings - Julip IV and its two satellites, Atlas Roe and Gilgamesh Red that house the characters.
  • GAN BATAA: Spidroina Silk Farmer
  • KURT PHARAOH: Travelling Artifacts Curator
  • MANSUR JAZIRI: Mobile Suit Designer
  • ZOYA AMARI: Defense Robot Engineer
  • MARCELLO RENATO: Numismatist (Historical Coin Trader)
  • AINSLEY BLACKWOOD: Xenotech Restorator
  • 18+ Acquaintances, 15+ Services, + 12 Motivations, and many more hooks in the backstories of the major NPCs.
  • JULIP IV SYSTEM: Julip IV (Planet), Gilgamesh Red (Satellite), Atlas Roe (Natural Satellite)
  • GILGAMESH RED, the commercial satellite: 4 NPCs, 17 defined areas, 4 NPCs, + 20 businesses.
  • JULIP IV, the agricultural planet:5 NPCs, farm + towns tables, + 3 political parties.
  • ATLAS ROE, the natural satellite: 4 NPCs, towns + services tables, enforcers table, + 1d10 I found a bunker table.
  • Uruk 1 satellite, Hidden Persons Inc, Iron Tiger hacking group, Imaginaria bioterrorists, + Grey Terror Cartel pirate syndicate.
  • Warden’s Guide to Repairing Xenotech Artifacts + the “Ancient Alien Tech” and “Xenotech Restoration” skills for Mothership RPG.

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