Fear and Loathing on Bixby Station

Gregory Harris

  • $2.99

Book Type: Tri-fold
Print Type: Full Color

An advanced deep-space research facility for bleeding-edge technology, Bixby Station is utterly remote. It only sees a resupply ship every six months, and this time, the characters’ ship is hired for the job. It seems like a total milk run.

But something is gravely wrong on Bixby Station, and the malevolent entity that dwells there is delighted at the prospect of new victims. Uncovering the station’s dirty secrets may have the characters questioning reality itself. But despite their suffering, the crew should remember to stay happy. HE doesn’t like it otherwise.

This large-format pamphlet adventure is suitable for play in a single session. It functions equally well as an introductory adventure or a one-off episode in a larger campaign. The design was inspired partly by the classic science fiction stories “I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream” by Harlan Ellison and “It’s A Good Life” by Jerome Bixby and the Twilight Zone episode based on the latter written by Rod Serling.

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