Fieldstone Dungeon Floor Tile - Digital Download

World of Game Design

  • $1.99

This tile is a 3" x 3" Dungeon Epics tile that is designed for printing at a 30 degree angle with full supports but has a great surface texture on an FDM machine like the Ender 3, Ender 5 or Prusa MKS3.  Fully compatible with our other 3x3 Dungeon Epics tiles, this one features a wonderful smooth platform for your minis while providing enough detail for excellent basecoating and painting with minimal layer marks.  

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (STL): Buy the digital STL for personal use or choose the printed option and we'll print it through our professional printer farm.   STL is for personal use only, contact us for commercial licensing.

REUSABLE SILICONE MOLD: Don't have a 3D printer?  We'll cast a copy in chip-proof resin or you can buy the reusable silicone mold so you can cast as many as you want.

BUY THE KIT: You can also buy a kit with a bundle of these tiles ready to go, unpainted, dry brushed, or with a detailed individual stone paint job.  You decide.

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