Fieldstone Dungeon Floor Tile - Silicone Mold

World of Game Design

  • $9.99

This tile is a 3" x 3" Dungeon Epics tile that is resin cast from the optional silicone mold that is also for sale.  Fully compatible with our other 3x3 Dungeon Epics tiles, this one features a wonderful smooth platform for your minis while providing enough detail for excellent basecoating and painting with minimal layer marks.  

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (STL): Buy the digital STL for personal use by purchasing the STL here.

REUSABLE SILICONE MOLD: Buy this item to receive the reusable silicone mold so you can cast as many as you want for the life of the mold.  A mold generally lasts for hundreds of plaster casts or 40-50 resin casts.

BUY THE PRECAST RESIN KIT: You can also buy a kit with a bundle of these tiles ready to go, unpainted, dry brushed, or with a detailed individual stone paint job.  You decide.