Garden of Corda

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Book Type: PDF

Page Count: 24

“A Giant’s Heart, suspended in space with its protective rib cage barrier, is a treasure trove of varied medicinal plants. Unfortunately, the entire ecosystem is on the edge of collapse—brave researchers struggle against flora and fauna alike to restore the thrum of life. Welcome to the Garden of Corda.”

Garden of Corda is a complete TROIKA! setting, pointcrawl, and supplement book. Band together with a group of fellow botanists, researchers, and scouts to explore and revitalize the dying landscape. Venture forth from the research outpost Mycereum into the tangled vines of the Living Maze, the pockmarked fields of the Sproutling Plains, and the Lost Ruins surrounding the dead giant’s heart. How you’ll manage to gather enough bottled lightning to keep everything running is another story.


  • Two new character classes: the Healer and the Scout, both uniquely suited to the challenges you’ll face in the Garden.
  • A delightful cast of NPCs to help bring Mycereum to life.
  • Fantastic floral lands to explore in all their saprophytic glory.
  • Vicious vermin, from the constricting giant Heartworm to the malaria-bearing Bloodflies.
  • Conversion stats for B/X, and easily converted from there to your favorite fantasy RPG system.

Cade Crites - writing and art and layout
Christian Kessler - developmental editing
jert! - editing

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