Gary's Appendix Vol. 4

Jeffrey Jones

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Hot off the heels of Issue #3, we present a new assortment of articles to inspire your games filled with deep dungeons and horrible dragons. For Issue #4, we bring the theme of Sword–and–Sorcery to the spotlight. Nothing brings out the holiday spirit as weathered broadswords, wily wizards, and weathered ruins.

Inspired by the AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide.

Gary wrote and collected a vast amount of information, rules, and guidance. Its haphazard nature and perplexing subjects makes it as fresh today as when he penned the work almost fifty years ago. Indeed, Gary's Appendix draws inspiration from the past works of the gaming giants. 
Gary's Appendix is about our love for the past and our excitement for the future. We do not have the audacity to believe that we can produce a work that matches the magic of the AD&D DMG. Instead, we seek the spirt of that evergreen work by presenting an array of articles that are enjoyable to read, informative to the GM, and useful at the gaming table.

Here's a preview of the content packed into the issue:
1) Creating Sword-and–Sorcery Adventures, by Travis Miller
2) The Forge of the Weaponmaster, by David Semark 
3) Welcome to the Pleasuredome, by David Semark 
4) Encountering Weather, by Zac Goins
5) Adding Ingredients to Your Game, by Oliver Brakenbury
6) That Distinct Flavor, by Oliver Brakenbury
7) D&D and the Sword–and–Sorcery Genre, by Oliver Brakenbury
8) The Bestiary, by Jeff Jones
Each issue, Jeff works his way through another section of the OSE bestiary and expands the information and GM toolkit for each entry. For this issue, he covers the following creatures:
*  Cave Locust
*  Chimera
*  Giant Crab
*  Cyclops
*  Dervish
*  Doppelgänger
*  Dragon Turtle
*  Dryad

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