Horror Epics: GrymWyrd Omnibus 5e Hardcover

World of Game Design

  • $55.00

A monstrous collection of ghastly adventures, vile creatures, & dastardly player options for 5th Edition gaming!

Grimweird, if you will allow, is a type of fiction so absurdly fantastical that it is existentially horrific; or so existentially horrific that it is absurdly fantastical. If we may be so bold ➡ imagine tossing the works of Edgar Allen Poe, Lewis Carroll, William Blake, & H.P. Lovecraft into an 80's B-Movie blender together ➡ add an extra dose of lab-grade LSD and a dash of Regan's vomit ➡ along with a few deep-fried tentacles just for flavor ➡ all while a three-eyed jackalope watches from the window in horror as it recalls the ramblings of Col. KurtzTo put it another way: it's a fresh expression of the strangest themes found within the Gothic, Folk, Cosmic, Paranormal, and Body Horror genres - stripping and blending them together in maddeningly unique ways that will be sure to leave a lasting impression of deliciously disturbing fun upon your table.

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