Hull Breach

Anodyne Printware

  • $50.00

Hull Breach is a massive adventure and supplement anthology for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG, brought to you by a diverse community of 3rd party Mothership authors, designers and artists.

"If you've just learned about Mothership, Hull Breach is the perfect book for you." - Sean McCoy, creator of Mothership

This 200+ page hardcover book features all new Mothership content fully compatible with the 1st edition rules, including:

  • 12+ terrifying adventures for one shot or campaign play.
  • Dozens of hostile alien entities and human adversaries.
  • Warden Advice and articles to level up your game.
  • Generators, toolkits and toys galore.
  • New ways to play Mothership with expanded mechanics, alternate campaign frames and system hacks.
  • Over 50 original illustrations from an all-star roster of fan favorite and first time Mothership artists.

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