Infinity: Acheron Cascade

Infinity: Acheron Cascade


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Mired in the jungles of Paradiso, three conspiracies will lead the player characters across the Human Sphere to uncover the treachery that lies at the very heart of the war.

The player characters are dispatched to Paradiso’s militarised moon Satori, to investigate an explosion at a Yu Jing facility. A series of secret plots lead the agents to investigate a number of factions, taking in such disparate and dangerous locations as the notorious Black Labs of Praxis, Yu Jing’s Zhi Shan Centre, the Snark Lands of Dawn, and finally, the Acheron Blockade itself!

Face off against conspirators, terrorists, and the alien menace of the Combined Army in an action-packed Sphere-spanning campaign that uncovers the true extent of the Combined Army’s efforts to bring the Human Sphere into the fold.


  • Inside this 156-page campaign book, you’ll find: New maps and adventure locations on Varuna, Dawn, Paradiso, and its moon, Satori - including Zhi Shan, one of the StateEmpire’s Invisible Prisons.
  • New situations to challenge the PCs - a heist on Bakunin, a prison break, a Shavastil asharii base, and a deadly game of cat-and-mouse infowar with an EI hacker. New adversaries including the Nomad Wildcats, the deadly tiangou, and the notorious Ko Dali.
  • Information on the Acheron Blockade including a chance for the PCs to show off their spacecraft piloting and command skills!
  • Murder on the Transtartaric railroad! Can the PCs uncover a murderer before their train arrives in Dalniy?
  • New tech and vehicles like the Pyxis device and Mayi transport. New spacecraft and rules for running action scenes in the void of space.

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