KULT: Divinity Lost - Deck of Traits

KULT: Divinity Lost - Deck of Traits


  • $38.00

The Deck of Traits consists of a box with 210 cards describing all advantages, disadvantages, and dark secrets available for the aware archetypes. This makes references to rules for the Gamemaster and the players much easier during play. The players can easily hold on to the cards with the features applicable to its character.

Note: THIS  GAME EXPLORES  MATURE THEMES. The  content of this book  explores psychological and  body horror. There are explicit  examples of physical and mental abuse,  violence, sexual assault, religious exploitation,  child abuse, mental illness, kidnapping and abduction,  animal cruelty/death, pregnancy/childbirth, miscarriages/abortion,  drug use, self-harm and suicide, blood, and death.

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