Lake of Abominations

Third Kingdom Games

  • $95.99

This massive book contains the contents of the Lake of Abominations Compiled and Supplemental Hexcrawls, with eight detailed, fully fleshed out hexes and 82 additional hexes painted in broad strokes. It includes:


*Hex 17.23 The Lake of Abominations. A ruined mage's tower on an island. Includes rules for a simple skill system, expanded poison options, and an overview of magic item creation.

*Hex 16.24 Forests of Plenty. A small village of sprites, plus a bonus hex containing the lair of medusas trying to summon a trapped god. Includes rules for adding spellcasting levels to monsters.

*Hex 17.22 The Village of the Owlfolk. Includes two playable race as class owlfolk, plus rules on introducing drugs into your game.

*Hex 18.24 The Deadwoods. The northern tip of the Darkwoods, features an undead treant, a small goblin village, and three goblin race as class options, as well as new spells and goblin demographics.

*Hex 18.23 The Trails of Cabulech. This hex is home to a giant snail and a gnoll village, and has two playable gnoll race as class options and information on crafting magical items.

*Hex 17.22 The Valley of the Setting Sun. A large goblin village, combat maneuvers, and rules for crafting charms and fetishes.

*Hex 16.23 The Doom of Cthedrak. An ancient crashed dimensional ship inhabited by a naga and her slaves, as well as an orcish outpost. Has two playable orc classes (reaver and warlock).


*82 additional 6-mile hexes, populated with lairs and features.

*Guidelines for Referees to create cross-breed creatures.

*A werewolf race-as-class option.

*10 bonus dungeons waiting to be populated and placed.

*And tons of encounters and interesting features to keep a party occupied for years.

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