LUGU Board Game

LUGU Board Game


  • $15.00

LUGU is a storytelling card game for all ages to enjoy.

Three or more players use decks of abstract pictures to create a story together while competing for the highest score. It combines the fun and creativity of Dixit with the freedom and originality of Rory's Story Cubes. This portable and highly replayable game include 6 decks of 22 cards featuring original abstract artwork, which the players use as inspiration to create a unique story together. In each round, the storyteller will use 4 randomly selected cards to create their part of the story while the other players attempt to correctly match the storyteller's cards with cards from their own decks.

As each player becomes the storyteller, they will build onto the story from the previous player resulting in a different creatively collaborative adventure in every game.


  • 144x Full Coloured Cards

Please Note:

  • One Copy of LUGU - Storytelling Card Game supplied in English.
Average Age 12+
Average Play Time 30 Minutes
Game System LUGU
Language English
Max Players 6
Mechanic Storytelling
Min Players 3
Product Code MUH5007
Product Manufacturer Modiphius Entertainment
Rules Type Core Rules
Theme Card Game, Party Game

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