Metromancer - a Subway Crawl for Cy_Borg Hardcover

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Deep beneath Cy lies the abandoned subway system that was carved from the toxic earth by ancient and blackened technocratic mole machines branded with the sigil of Alliansen inc. A caliginous place filled with misfits, filthy vagrants, and whatever makes that fucking noise in G0. A grim place of fever dreams, unknown spore cvlts, rogue AIs, and reality-bending technology.  You will die here, horribly.

The cataclysm that birthed G0 ripped and tore the veil, letting something in. Corrupting black ooze trickles through the tears twisting everything it touches, an ichorous herald of the terrible powers swelling in the bowels of Cy. Mutated creatures burble up from the fetid morass, reality flickers revealing horrible truths, and vile magicks warp the minds of flesh and machine alike. Amidst this crisis, six warring factions struggle to survive in these forsaken tunnels, each vying for power and advancing their secret agendas. It is the dawning of a new age that could see Cy reborn or torn asunder.

Whoever holds the power of the subway is known only as the METROMANCER.

Metromancer is an expansion and module for Cy_Borg. Journey through a procedurally-generated subway crawl teeming with new creatures and terrible dangers. Six dynamic factions, ranging from bloodthirsty gangers to drug-riddled utopists and flesh-harvesting berserkers, each group features unique classes and NPC generators, providing rich plot hooks to pull you into the deep lore. Bevies of random tables and sprawling maps provide endless inspiration and exploration. Play the main campaign or dive in as a one-shot fueled with random tables- the choice is yours!

Tl:dr? Metromancer is jam-packed with:

  • A complete subway system
  • Tons of art, including art from Cy_Borg and Mörk Borg artist, Johan Nohr
  • 6 new classes
  • 6 factions with location maps
  • 6 mini-dungeons
  • 10+ cyberpunk relics
  • 15+ unique monsters
  • 10+ random tables for NPCs, side quests, encounters, locations, terrible disasters, corpse loot, hit by a train table, and more!

Still looking for more ways to usher in the apocalypse? Simple rules allow you to bring your favorite Mörk Borg content from the damned past to the doomed future.

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