Misadventure Games 3 Book Bundle

Misadventure Games

  • $34.98

Get print copies of all three A4-sized books. This is the entire Misadventure Games lineup. 

The core book, MisAdventure Games, offers an OSR-inspired, rules-lite reference guide that is everything you need to dip your toe into the system. Its base mechanic uses 2d6 for everything, with modifiers coming in the form of both static numbers and bonus dice. It's designed to be setting agnostic and features a mixture of black & white artwork from new artists and some of the most delightful art from classic comic books.

The Fantasy Compendium covers everything you need to create or convert a Fantasy Setting to a MisAdventure Game including new ROOTS, SKILLS and Magick Schools and a Bestiary with three takes on each Adversary to keep your Players guessing and on their toes. 

The Horror Compendium features new player options like The Inquisitive and The Intellect, new professions, new skills, a collection of optional, modular rules, a plethora of adversaries, and a load of appendixes filled with even more grotesque goodness.

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