MisAdventure Games: Horror Compendium

Misadventure Games

  • $20.00

These books just keep getting bigger and bigger. The Horror Compendium features new player options like The Inquisitive and The Intellect, new professions, new skills, a collection of optional, modular rules, a plethora of adversaries, and a load of appendixes filled with even more grotesque goodness.

Likewise, the artwork featured in the book comes largely from the age of classic comics and pulp novels - giving the whole work a healthy dose of nostalgia.

This book includes:

🔲Toolsets for Sleuthing & Alchemy
🔲Summoning & Witchcraft Rules
🔲Ritual Magick
🔲Horror Rule Additions
🔲Vile Adversaries
🔲& More!

Book Type: Softcover
Page Count: 78
Print Type: B&W

NOTE: This book requires the core MisAdventures Games book to play. 

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