Morkkabeans 1:1

Madness Heart Press

  • $18.99

Book Type: Softcover
Page Count: 52
Print Type: Full Color

A new religion has arisen in the desert. Worshiping theUnnamable God of Names, blaspheming against SHE and HE, promising the revolt.  Galgenbeck has sent its inquisitors.  The half-giant Nephilim walk the earth. If you join them, almost certain death awaits. A compatible with Mork Borg Zine featuring lore, entities, rituals, and legends pulled from Jewish folklore and history. Includes:
(a fully-fledged adventure) + 
 Artifacts like the Staff of Aaron, and the Sword of Moshe 
💀 Beasts like the Estrie, Lillim, Werewolves, Ziz, Nephilim, and Shamir Worms
📜 New Scrolls, New Classes, and a host of random tables

PLUS: VTT Assets (maps & tokens) and an ambient MP3 track!

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