Old Gods of Appalachia Railroad Guide

Old Gods of Appalachia Railroad Guide

Monte Cook Games

  • $9.99

Travel the rails of an alternate Appalachia

In the early and mid twentieth century, railways were the primary means of long-distance transportation in America—and they were a critical part of piercing the isolation of the central Appalachians and enabling the growth of coal mining and logging. For small-town Appalachia, the railroad was a lifeline to other communities in the region and to the larger world beyond.

With rail playing such a prominent role in daily life in the Old Gods of Appalachia setting, characters need easy access to route and schedule information—and pocket guides are a common way of getting it. Distributed by the railroad companies, these free guides helped you navigate the railways to get where you want to go.

(Of course, in the Old Gods of Appalachia setting, the reach of rail isn’t always benign. Some rail congolmerates, particularly Locke Rail, actively help spread the influence of the Inner Dark.)

This inexpensive guide is both a practical game aid and an immersive prop with a vintage feel. Fold out the interior map for a full look at Locke Rail’s routes and stops, then check the interior for fare and schedule information. There’s even a smattering of ads relevant to the rail traveler!

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