Old Gods of Appalachia Resource Deck

Old Gods of Appalachia Resource Deck

Monte Cook Games

  • $19.99

Bring the beasts, NPCs, cyphers, and artifacts of an alternate Appalachia to your game table!

In an alternate Appalachia, where beings of immeasurable madness and malice have begun to stir, objects of power, unusual magics, and strange creatures are sometimes encountered. This 100-card deck puts a selection of them at your fingertips, giving you convenient and easy access to cyphers, artifacts, creatures, NPCS, and more, from the Old Gods of Appalachia Roleplaying Game. Each card gives you key information you’ll need at the game table, saving you time and effort.

The Old Gods of Appalachia Roleplaying Game Resource Deck includes:

  • 35 cypher cards
  • 20 artifact cards
  • 6 GM intrusion cards
  • 21 creature cards
  • 18 NPC cards

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