Old School and Cool Vol. 3

Knight Owl Publishing

  • $20.00

Book Type: PDF or Softcover

Page Count: 41

Print Type: Black and White

Now when you reach name level with one of the standard OSE classes, you can choose a new path. Fighters, thieves, clerics, and magic users, as well as halflings, dwarves, and elves, can either claim the righteous powers of honor or the wicked ambitions of depravity. These new classes are the ultimate manifestation of pure power, and rules are included if you want to start at high level right away.

 In addition, the book is replete with god-level powers, high level spells for magic users and clerics, magic items that make the vorpal sword look like a toothpick, and of course a splendid selection of monsters that can stand up to your powerful new characters. Even low-level adventures and campaigns are enhanced with the judicious sprinkling in of a high level monster or artifact.

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